Virtual Audio Streaming SDK Review

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Virtual Audio Streaming (VAS) is, actually, two products: a Virtual Audio Streaming stand-alone application and a Virtual Audio Streaming SDK.

The stand-alone application works so as if your computer gets an additional audio card of a high quality. Why would your computer need an additional high quality audio card? Do you own Vista or Windows 7? A huge fraction of them is lacking one. Technical people know that many of these modern computers lack “Stereo Mix”, and it means that practically you can’t record music, video or live chats on them. However, after you install the Virtual Audio Streaming (VAS) stand- alone, yes you CAN do all these kinds of recordings. I have thoroughly checked it.

You can do more with the Virtual Audio Streaming stand-alone application. Find all you can do with it on the site FAQ. Furthermore, the site also has the second VAS product, the virtual sound card SDK.

If you are developing software that needs a high quality audio card, than your software is in trouble, as I have explained above, on a huge fraction of the modern computers. With the Virtual Audio Streaming SDK, you eliminate this problem.

When you buy an SDK from another company, and you are a small company, support is very important. In my case, I initially feared many things and didn’t know how to integrate the SDK with my product.

Well, have no fear to buy VAS SDK. Thus far, the support is fantastic! The SDK developer team helps me with everything. They write the integration code sometime faster than we can test it. And after we catch up and test it, it works great! I highly recommend the Virtual Sound SDK and Joshua to other developers.

by Ilya Lad, CEO. L2Player



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