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Virtual Audio Streaming SDK License

Are you a software developer? If you would like to redistribute our virtual sound card in your own application, you need our Virtual Audio Streaming SDK.

Our SDK allows you:

  • Generate and install/uninstall virtual sound card drivers on Windows system within your own software;
  • Programmatically change system default sound playback/recording device (also known as 'XP/Vista/Windows 7 audio changer');
  • Both 32bits and 64bits Windows (XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8) are supported;
  • Get all features of Virtual Audio Streaming in your own application;
  • Control the virtual sound card drivers with our APIs;
  • Full audio formats (up to 24bits/192Kbps) are supported.
  • Both application level (i.e. stereo mix / what u hear) and kernel driver level recordings are supported; Audio will be split to different wav files per audio stream automatically in the virtual sound card driver in the latter case;
  • Change the driver name;  *(contact us for details)
  • Standard Windows DLL. Program with any language you like;
  • One-time fee, No royalty fees, No hidden fees;
  • Very easy to integrate, only several standard function calls are required;
  • Besides APIs, we also supply some binary tools to simplify the integration. With this feature, you don't need to write one line of code in most cases. For example, with these tools, you can connect your physical microphone to our VAS playback device or stream VAS virtual microphone to your physical playback device. All binary tools can run silently and no programming work is required.
  • Microsoft WavXXX API, DirectSound, Kernel Streaming and Core Audio API are all supported.
  • Successful integration guaranteed. If there is any unsolvable issue on the integration, we can issue a full refund.

Also, please be noted that our Virtual Audio Streaming is widely used on Internet. (Virtual Audio Streaming is listed in top 2 popular downloads of streaming audio applications on So our driver is stable and we continue improving it. Our SDK license includes all the future upgrades for FREE when we update Virtual Audio Streaming.

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