How to create multiple instances of virtual sound cards using Virtual Audio Streaming?

Why we need multiple virtual sound cards?

By default, the setup program of Virtual Audio Streaming only installs one virtual sound card on targeted Windows. This is enough for most circumstances, however, some advanced users may need to use multiple virtual sound cards to create complex virtual audio channels.

For example, supposing you need to record Skype voice and redirect Internet radio to Audacity at the same time. Since one virtual sound card only contains one virtual cable, so the Skype Voice and Internet Radio will be mixed together in Virtual Audio Streaming. See below demo picture:

mix skype and internet radio togother with virtual audio streaming

However, if you let Virtual Audio Streaming generate multiple virtual sound cards on Windows, you can use them independently to record Skype and Internet Radio separately. See below demo pictures:

record skype voice with virtual cable stream internet radio to Audacity with virtual cable

How to generate multiple virtual sound cards with Virtual Audio Streaming?

Virtual Audio Streaming supports multiple instances of virtual sound cards. To create and install a new virtual sound driver, use the following commands:

1. First, launch a command line window with Administrator account. You can archive this by inputting 'cmd' in Windows 7/Vista Run box, and then pressing Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

2. Switch path to:

cd C:\Program Files\ShiningMorning\VirtualAudioStreaming\driver

3. Run the commands below:

devsetup install vasdevice.inf *VASDeviceDrm

After this command finishes, a new virtual sound card will be generated on your system.

To remove all of the virtual cards, run the command:

devsetup remove *VASDeviceDrm

With this method, you can generate multiple virtual sound cards on one computer. The only drawback is that all the virtual cards are in the same name. However, if you are our PAID user, we can send you a new 'cmd' file to remove this restriction in the registered version of Virtual Audio Streaming.

There are no any limitations on the number of the virtual sound cards in Virtual Audio Streaming. You can create as many as you like.