Virtual Audio Streaming Software FAQ

I notice there's a bit of audio latency in the trail version of Virtual Audio Streaming.

The delay is the trial version's restriction and the latency might get worse as Virtual Audio Streaming session progresses.

Virtual Audio Streaming inserts a woman's voice (saying 'trial version') into sounds data every few minutes. Therefore, Virtual Audio Streaming has to push the real sounds data back in the time line. With Virtual Audio Streaming session progresses, the delay might be accumulated and become large.

Of course, when you register Virtual Audio Streaming to remove this limitation, the latency will disappear. To be clear, there is no such delay in the registered version of Virtual Audio Streaming.

What's the difference between paid version and trial version?

Trial version inserts 'trial' voice and introduces audio delay as described in the previous question. Trial version also expires in 30 days. So if you like our software, please buy it. Paid version is better than free version and your order also supports us to continue developing and improving VirtualAudioStreaming.

I get warning message 'Virtual Device not found.' when Virtual Audio Streaming is launched.

This warning message indicates Virtual Audio Streaming is not installed properly.

During the installation, a pop up warning message may appear. Click 'install anyway' to ensure that the virtual device can be properly installed.


Vista / Windows 7:

After installation, you should find Virtual Audio Streaming Driver is listed in Windows Device Manager dialog (Sound, video and game controllers section):
(Note: You can type command devmgmt.msc to directly launch Windows Device Manager)

NOTE: Virtual Audio Streaming Versions 1.5 and above have a digitally signed virtual sound card driver, so the installation of Virtual Audio Streaming on 64 bit Windows is done automatically by the setup file.

I still heard 'trial' noise after activation.

In some cases, you may need to restart Windows to let the registered virtual sound driver reloaded. So restarting Windows is recommended after activation.


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