How to record microphone voice?

Virtual Audio Streaming can record all sounds, including your microphone voice besides stereo mix(what u hear) recording. Many users use this feature to record microphone voice and lively mix microphone with the played audio sounds together.

Quick Start:

To record microphone:

  • First, plug in your physical microphone and get it ready.
  • Then start Virtual Audio Streaming main windows and switch to 'Real microphone input' panel. Virtual Audio Streaming will read all your physical microphone and list them in the combox.
  • Select your physical microphone in Virtual Audio Streaming and press the 'start' button to let Virtual Audio Streaming start reading your physical microphone voice.
  • Now click the 'start record' button to record microphone. The recorded audio files are located in Libraries\Music\VirtualAudioStreaming directory by default.

See the figure below for reference.

config VAS to record sounds from microphone