How to stream audio files, music, Internet radio on sound broadcasting website?

If you are a user of online broadcasting sites, such as,, you will know these streaming websites only allow physical microphone to input your voice. So, how to broadcast audio files on Internet? The answer is using Virtual Audio Streaming.

Besides working as virtual sound card output device, Virtual Audio Streaming can also act as a virtual microphone, which means you can play audio files as if the audio was from your real microphone. Therefore, with Virtual Audio Streaming, you can stream pre-recorded audio files or music to those sites.

First, you need to set Virtual Audio Streaming as the system default sound playback/recording device. You can do this by clicking the 'set virtual audio streaming as the default sound playback device' button in Virtual Audio Streaming.


configure VirtualAudioStreaming for or skype step1

Vista/Windows 7:

set VirtualAudioStreaming as default recording device on Windows7 set VirtualAudioStreaming as default playback device on Windows7

After finishing the above configurations, you are ready to stream audio on Internet. Some examples are given below:

1) Configuration on Skype:

First, select Virtual Audio Streaming as the input Microphone on the options dialog of Skype.

Next, use your favorite music player to play a music file, and then you will find the music is streamed to Skype automatically.

configure VirtualAudioStreaming for skype step2

2) Configuration on Flash Based website, such as,, etc.:

First, right click on the flash video and select 'settings' in the context menu.

config virtual audio streaming on singsnap

Second, switch to the microphone setting, select Virtual Audio Streaming driver in the drop box. Now you will hear the audio files on

Virtual Audio Streaming on SingSnap Flash Config

Enjoy your own audio channel on Internet!