Virtual Audio Streaming version history (updated to version 4.2)

Virtual Audio Streaming is the most popular virtual sound card software and audio tool in its niche. Everyday, thousands of users download it and now Virtual Audio Streaming is ranked the 2# popular downloads on CNet/

We receive feedbacks every day and keep releasing new versions and improvements every few weeks.


History Updates:

Virtual Audio Streaming 4.2 [3-6-2023]
Updated and Fixed bugs found in these years.

Virtual Audio Streaming 4.0 [3-20-2012]
Supported full audio formats, from 40KHz to 192KHz, 8bits to 24bits;
Fixed a major bug in sound recording, which sometimes caused the wav header unreadable for some audio players;
Create recording files with a time based unique name;
Improved driver performance;
Fixed a driver installation issue;
Minor optimized GUI;
Fixed some bugs;
This version also internally integrated a MP3 sound recorder to reduce the recorded file size.

Virtual Audio Streaming 3.0 [12-22-2011]
Fixed a bug on customizing the internal buffer size of virtual sound card driver, now people can use this option to improve the driver's performance;
Fixed a major bug on French language Windows;
New algorithm to automatically select the best matched physical sound cards while streaming;
Greatly reduced the CPU consumption;
Fixed a major memory leak bug;
Improved supporting for multiple virtual sound card;
Added new option to list virtual/fake sound card or not;
Improved setup/uninstaller;
Added new option 'open recorded directory' on systray;
Added 'play device' and 'record device' on systray menu on Windows XP;
Optimized system tray menu for better clicks;
Other minor bugs fixed.

Virtual Audio Streaming 2.1 [09-05-2011]
Fixed bugs;
Added detection for existing multiple application instances during application launching;
Optimized system tray menu.

Virtual Audio Streaming 2.0 [08-25-2011]
Integrated Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 Audio Changer;
Changed some working panels' locations to for easy operations;
Added option to start program minimized;
Added option to start program with Windows startup;
Fixed several bugs.

Virtual Audio Streaming 1.6 [06-07-2011]
The default directory for recorded wav files on 64bit Windows 7 now can be changed;
Fixed several registry related bugs on 64bit Windows 7;
Other minor bugs fixed.

Virtual Audio Streaming 1.5.1 [02-25-2011]
Fixed several bugs.

Virtual Audio Streaming 1.5 [12-21-2010]
Added Microsoft Digital Signature on the virtual audio drivers;
Supported 64bit Windows Vista and Windows 7;
Trial version now never expires;
Fixed a bug on the audio wave drawing;
Fixed the 'virtual sound card not found' bug;
New GUI skins;
Other minor bugs fixed.

Virtual Audio Streaming 1.0 [01-22-2010]
First Release, including the basic virtual sound card driver, broadcasting and sound recording features.